Who are we?

We are an all volunteer soup kitchen that rarely serves soup.  We welcome  whomever shows up with a good attitude and a good appetite.   We strive  to provide  a cheerful, family friendly place to eat a meal and to visit with other people

               MISSION AND VISION
Inspired by Matthew 25:31-40, we  serve nutritious suppers  to whomever shows up hungry body or soul, 

Our only requirements are a good appetite and a good attitude.
Guests are not a number nor a captive audience for a sermon. 

                  WHO DO WE SERVE? 
Our  guests are people who are having a hard time stretching their budgets  to eat healthily.  Illness, accidents, job loss, poor paying jobs, low  pensions and high cost of living deprive many individuals and families  of resources to eat healthy diets. Some of our guests are  homeless. Other people are hungry for companionship.



In  1989 Stephanie and Mark Halland, with group of people, including  Naomi Davidson, were led to start serving a family-style meal the last  week of the month. This meal was served at the Alliance Church, under  the name Community Kitchen. Their first meal had 18 guests. In 1990  Naomi Davidson took over, and those meals have grown over the years.  

By  1998 a group of folks(Feeding the Flathead), including B., started  talking with Naomi and Community Kitchen about coming along side them in  order to serve people more meals. The Alliance Church could not give up  more use of their fellowship hall, so Feeding the Flathead found other  places to serve their meals. They had their start at the old Valley  Victory Church on Main street. They moved between several other places  including, the Dry Been Saloon, Serendipity Street, and the old VFW  upstairs. A few times they also served meals out on the street.  

In  2003 Community Kitchen, and Feeding the Flathead decided to join  forces. During this merger it was discovered that both ministries had  chosen *Matthew 25:31-40 as the basis for their ministries. This was  further confirmation that they were to merge, and by 2004 Community  Kitchen-Feeding the Flathead was Ia 501c3 organization. 
Community  Kitchen continued to serve meals  at Alliance Church, and Feeding the  Flathead was blessed to serve from St. Matthews parish. Over the last 12  years we have moved between a few churches. We currently serve meals  from: Bethlehem Lutheran, Central Christian, and Christ Episcopal  Church. 
All  of our staffing needs are filled by volunteers. There are always people  behind the scenes serving in one way or another. Some transport food,  others do computer work. Impeccable volunteer bookkeepers have kept our  records beyond reproach. Our kitchen co-ordination, cooking, serving and  clean up staff are also all volunteers.